How to Build the Ultimate Snow Castle Fort

Sounds simple enough right?  Check out this article on how to make the ultimate snow castle fort your kids will be amazed!

So why haven’t you done it?  Well there is a fair amount of work to do around the house … we send the kids outside and they play in the snow.  Win win ….  why not make it a win win win (for dad)?

To give you the pretext of how i came up with this idea I will tell you two things:

 #1 – We don’t get more than a few inches of snow here … more than that and it is a great year for snow.  We have a wet rainy climate.  when it does snow – it is a special occasion for fun!

#2 – I have a long driveway … takes a long time to shovel.  (Dad really needs to buy a snowblower for those days where we actually got 8-10 inches of snow … once a year maybe)  :)

So the kids wanted to build a snow castle … and I groaned at the thought of not only shoveling the driveway and sidewalks – but having to pack snow up for them to make a fort as well.  Then it hit me … we didn’t have enough snow on the ground to really make a fort (or even a decent snow man!).   … but if I used the snow from my long driveway …. presto!  Two birds one stone.

Now – how to get it all over there?  The next brilliant idea!  Garbage Cans!!  A double win – because it packs the snow in the right shape for the fort!  I had filled about two cans and over-turned them to empty them out like a big snow/sand castle.  The kids realized what i was doing … and then all the shovels came out.  Suddenly dad had help shovelling the driveway!  ;)

Snow Fort Castle in Winter

I think I filled about 8 cans for the 1st fort (yes I ended up building two … duh, you can’t have a decent snowball fight with only one fort Dad!).  Ensure you hand-pack the sides to firm them up after dumping the bins.  Also – hand pack extra snow underneath to ensure it is stable.

Then the next thought was brewing in my head … it didn’t look like a castle with only one layer.  I couldn’t safely stack the garbage cans … so what could I use?  Ahah … the smaller Rubbermaid storage bins!

One quick trip into the garage to empty out a container full of Christmas decorations (sorry honey) … and voila!  Smaller blocks to stack the 2nd level.  Point to note:  Take care when stacking a 2nd level to do extra packing of the snow to ensure they won’t fall on or cave in on a small child.  This is your warning and my exclaimer of non-liability for your stupidity or lack of construction acumen.  :)

Again take the extra time to pack the snow solid till it feels like it will not move.  Ensure it does not wiggle.  If the gap is larger (such as were I create door holes to crawl through) … I used 2×6′s to reinforce the blocks (which you can’t see because I covered them with snow.

Additionally we ended up building an inner platform for the kids to stockpile their ammo … as we as to give them a layer they can be hi enough to throw over the wall.

The neighbours wondered where did we get enough snow to build 2 castles!

Kids had a blast … problem is now, the next snowfall … it is going to have to be bigger!