Father & Son Hobbies

Father & Son Hobbies

Are you looking to start a hobby that you can do with your son?  Maybe a guys sort of thing?  What can you do together?

Does anybody out there have any ideas or even examples of things that you (or your guys) do?  I do … after an exhaustive amount of research and a bit of lazy searching – this is a start:

  • Models / trains
  • Bird house
  • Doll House (just kidding > get mom to make it … teach her a trade!)
  • Toy Car / Derby cars
  • Cardboard Bazooka
  • Growing a garden
  • RC Car / helicopter / Plane
  • models (cars, planes, boats, etc).
  • Quad / motorcycle riding   < always wear safety gear
  • Music, Drums / guitar
  • Hiking / Climbing / Treasure Hunting
  • Fishing / Hunting (age appropriate)

The key thing is that you just do something together.  Dad is the 1st male role model.  Dad by definition is the coolest guy they know … and the person they learn from.  He teaches by example more than he knows … and sometimes when he doesn’t intend too.

Treasure Hunting:

Some of my fondest memories were adventuring with my brother and Dad.  We called it treasure hunting …  I am not sure if that’s what Dad called it (maybe it was ‘getting the kids out of the house cuz they are driving mom nutz’ time). Ha … probably.  Anyway … we would go to some out of the way place (a river bank, an old airport that had closed down, a condemned building … etc).  We would walk around and explore … see what trinkets we could find.  I found my 1st horseshoe nail on a walk like this … I had never seen one before.  Treasure!  It was fun … it was outside … it didn’t cost anything except time.  I remember it

What do you remember with your dad?



Sports are a great together activity.  If you are a super dedicated parent that wants to go to the majors … or a regular Dad like me.  Just ensure you focus on what they want to do – and keep it fun.  Sometimes experiments in multiple sports to sample a variety is helpful for them to find their niche.  If not, how about piano?  :)

  • Baseball / Football / Soccer
  • Hockey… you want to know why I like hockey?  Sure, I am Canadian … but in addition to an inherent Canadian like of Hockey & Beer … Hockey remains primarily the only team sport I know that people continue to play regularly as adults.
  • Swimming - Daddy likes the hot-tub time!
  • Skiing – A great sport for the entire family and can include future getaway vacations.
  • Martial Arts  (age appropriate, older)
    • Stay with light impact sports until their bones have developed.  No weight lifting either, it is bad for their development at an early age.
    • Excellent for Dad to learn self-defense … commit to a course and teach them to stick with it.
  • Golf – sure why not Tiger


Tell me more about your ideas on good father son hobbies?